Ginny holding a young girl.
Joe with group in Duyure.

Honduras 2010

Ginny's college roommate is heavily involved with a nonprofit organization in southern Honduras, Mission Lazarus So in April 2010 we joined a group going down there to see the ML operation and help out. Here's a collection of videos and slideshows from the trip.

For some brief background, Honduras is generally ranked as the 3rd-poorest nation in the western hemisphere (behind Haiti and Nicaragua), with 60% of the population in poverty. More than 1/3 of the population is considered unemployed or underemployed. (Sources: CIA Factbook and Wikipedia. )

ML has numerous programs aimed at providing both immediate relief and fostering longer-term development. Parts that we were involved in during our week included the early childhood development centers (ECDC), food distribution, sheep and goat distribution, and women's health day. We also toured the Coffee Plantation. There are many other programs, including job training for both men and women, that we did not get to see due to lack of time.

Sheep Delivery

John delivers a sheep in Honduras

Mission Lazarus donates pairs of sheep to local families, providing a source of income from milk and breeding the sheep. Contributions to our group were used to pay for several sets of sheep, and we delivered them while there. Sheep Delivery videos

Early Childhood Development Center

TBD Videos of Duyure and the ECDC there

Riding to the Coffee Plantation

The Mission Lazarus property includes a coffee plantation, which is said to include 15 000 coffee bushes and provides local employment. Coffee can be ordered from the ML website, and proceeds are used to help support their work. The plantation is a 2-hour horseback ride from the main ML office. On Friday we had a half-day of free time, so several of us took a horseback ride to the plantation.

Coffee Plantation videos

The Facilities

Some videos showing the facilities



Food Distribution




More to come ...

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